MOTHERS are celebrated with a special day set aside just for them in dozens of countries around the word.

Although the holiday may be held on different dates than in the United States, where we honor moms on the second Sunday in May, observances in most countries take their lead from the way we observe it in America.

Mother's Day was first recognized as a national holiday in 1914, with a bill signed by President Woodrow Wilson.

I used a cereal box and some scrapbook supplies to make a cookbook organizer for moms who love to bake. You can modify these directions to make a holder for books or magazines on any topic your mom enjoys and reads about. I found the idea on the Better Homes and Gardens website at and wrote the instructions using a photo on the site as a guide. You can use the photo of my project to direct you.

Supplies you will need

* Cardboard cereal box

* Scrapbook paper and letters in different colors and patterns

* Scissors

* White tacky glue

* Pencil

* Ruler

* Decorations, such as wooden hearts, colorful letters of the alphabet to describe your mother's hobby and ribbons

How to make it

Measure and mark 8 inches up from the bottom two corners of one of the skinny sides of a cereal box. Draw a line between the marks.

Draw diagonal lines on the back and front of the box, using a ruler, from the top two opposite corners to the line you just drew across the side of the box.

Cut along the lines from one corner of the top of the box, down one diagonal line, across the straight line on the side of the box, and back up along the other diagonal line to the corner on the back of the box. Discard the excess cardboard.

Cover the entire box with scrapbook paper. I used different colors and patterns on every side to make my cookbook holder.

Decorate in any fashion you would like. Since my holder is for cookbooks, I wrapped a bow around a wooden spoon and glued it to the side of the box. I also covered some wooden heart shapes with scrapbook paper and glued them to the front of the box.