The Flyers are raising prices on most of their tickets for the 2019-20 season.

Season-ticket holders were the first to find out, learning about the increases in letters sent to them this week.

About 2,400 of the 19,600 seats will not have a price increase, according to a Flyers spokesman, who added that about 10,000 of the seats will have an increase of $3 or less per game.

The highest increase — as much as 89 percent, pushing some tickets to $240 — will be absorbed by fans purchasing tickets to 641 seats in the lower bowl. Those fans will have access to the new Center City Club, and they will have unlimited food, wine and beer included in the price.

The Center City Club is part of an ongoing $250 million renovation project at the Wells Fargo Center.

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If you remove the 641 prime seats from the equation, the rest of the arena will see an average 10 percent increase in ticket prices, the spokesman said.

A 44-year-old Ridley Park man has two of those 641 seats — and they have been in the family since the Flyers’ second season in 1968-69 at the Spectrum. The fan, who asked to remain anonymous because he is negotiating with the Flyers to allow him to have his seats “grandfathered” at a lower price, said his family has had seats four rows from the ice at the Spectrum and Wells Fargo Center for 50 years.

“We’re absolutely devastated,” he said of the price increase, which will hike each ticket from $142 to $240. “These are the tickets my maternal grandparents had and passed down in the family. We go to watch the hockey games and don’t need all these amenities on a silver platter.”

The Flyers spokesman said he understood the emotional ties some fans have to being in the same seats for a long period. “Some people have been in these seats for a lot of years and they feel like it’s their house and they have tough decisions to make [about renewing them],” he said.

Fans who currently pay $142 can opt out of the new “Center City Club” seats and purchase similar seats for $155 apiece at center ice in rows 2 through 10, the spokesman said.

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