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Gritty mansplains to ESPN’s Katie Nolan in ‘Love Actually’ parody

A holiday classic gets an orange twist, with a dash of internet trolling.

Gritty lets ESPN's Katie Nolan know what he thinks of one of her tweets.
Gritty lets ESPN's Katie Nolan know what he thinks of one of her tweets.Read moreESPN (custom credit)

Gritty, in his short life, has spent too much time on the internet.

The Doritos-colored enigma has been making the rounds at basketball games and weddings ever since he was introduced this fall. And on Sunday, he took time out of his busy schedule (too busy, it turns out, for Philadelphia City Hall) to pay a visit to ESPN personality Katie Nolan, host of Always Late with Katie Nolan.

In a spoof of Love Actually, Gritty shows up to Nolan’s doorstep with a card that reads, “Say it’s carol singers,” and a message to share.

But unlike the holiday classic, Gritty then offers his unsolicited take on Nolan’s opinions on social media, in a video that serves as commentary for what women in sports media frequently endure on social media platforms like Twitter.

Watch Gritty and Nolan in Well Actually:

Gritty explains he’s followed Nolan on Twitter “forever” and then lays into her for a tweet about NFL officials.

“To me, this tweet is trash,” he tells her, cribbing off the movie’s most famous scene. “And here’s why (1/??)."

Then, in classic internet fashion, the Flyers' mascot employs all the tactics trolls use on women when they don’t like what they have to say.

Gritty overstates his experience in the subject, “mansplains” an NFL rule to Nolan, tells her she’s got it wrong, and then harasses her when she doesn’t engage.

“Check youre facts idiot," he writes (if Gritty can write; he doesn’t appear to have fingers). “Maybe you’d know this if you played the game.”

Nolan keeps a straight face despite the barrage. And then, after wishing her a Merry Christmas, Gritty takes it one step too far.

“Oh, one last thing ... you should smile more.”