The 2012 results are in and Philadelphia ranks sixth for the number of U.S. Postal Service mail carriers attacked by dogs in cities across the country, with 34 carriers injured in the City of Brotherly Love last year, the American Veterinary Medical Association reported Thursday.

Los Angeles holds the dubious distinction of the city where more dogs went postal. There were 69 attacks on mail carriers in the City of Angels.

San Antonio and Seattle tied for second with 42 attacks apiece. Chicago slides in next with 41 attacks followed by San Francisco with 38.

The results were released in conjunction with of National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

Tips from the AVMA for avoiding the jaw clamping pain from a bite include cautions to walk not run past dogs - who like to chase. Let sleeping dogs lie. Ditto for dogs who are eating or new mothers nursing their pups. Stay still if a dog sniffs you. And, don't scream or yell if you are threatened by a dog.