COATESVILLE Police arrested two Coatesville men on Tuesday they say used Craigslist over the last few months to lure people selling dirt bikes and all-terrain vehicles to the city and then stole them during test drives.

James Shelton, 19, of the 100 block of South 4th Avenue and Dashon Loveland, 18, of the 400 block of Maple Avenue were part of an operation that contacted people through Craigslist and asked them to bring the vehicles they were selling to the city. When at least four victims, who came from Lancaster and Delaware counties, brought the vehicles to the 500 block of East Harmony Street and allowed men who met them there to test drive the vehicles, the men did not return them, police said.

A fifth victim realized what was happening, was assaulted and left before the men could steal the vehicle, police said.

Shelton and Loveland face multiple second degree felony charges, including theft and receiving stolen property. Police are also searching for others who helped them. Victims reported that two to five people in a group approached them at the time of the various crimes.

So far, police have recovered two Kawasaki dirt bikes and a Yamaha dirt bike.

- Michaelle Bond