Morocco's Mourad Marofit has scored a decisive victory in Blue Cross Broad Street Run, with an unofficial time of 47:06 for 10 miles.

Bertukan Feyisa-Germane from Ethiopia won the women's race with a time of 55:26.

At 8 miles Marofit had left the field in the dust; he ran a 4:49 split for the 8th mile, smooth and strong.

He crossed the Washington Avenue intersection before the second-place runner made it to Carpenter Street. Marofit ran 4:44 for 7th mile, 32:46 for race, so far.

Early on, Marofit pushed the pace, moving about five seconds ahead at 2 miles. At 3 miles, Marofit's lead is 15 seconds. He ran his third mile in 4:35.

At 4 miles, Marofit "slowed" to a 4:45 mile. He still had a 15-16 second lead.

Marofit extended his lead to 20 seconds at 5 miles, runs 5th mile in 4:39. As Marofit winds his way around City Hall West Plaza, not another runner is in sight. Our leader runs 6th mile at 4:51; his lead is more than one city block,