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Philadelphia has lifted some COVID-19 restrictions. Here’s what to know

When it comes to masks and vaccines, what are Philadelphia's policies?

Philadelphia ends vaccine mandate for restaurants and entertainment businesses.
Philadelphia ends vaccine mandate for restaurants and entertainment businesses.Read moreCynthia Greer (Custom credit)

The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has ended its vaccine mandate, and changed how it is responding to COVID-19 cases by introducing a new system to determine restrictions. Now the city has announced that masks will no longer be required in many spaces.

That doesn’t mean you should stop taking preventive measures. According to Health Commissioner Cheryl Bettigole, “the absence of governmental restriction doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t still use their common sense.”

Here is what we know right now:

What are Philadelphia's policies?

The city's new system creates four different categories, depending on case counts, hospitalizations, and other factors. Here are the tiers: 

  • Extreme Caution: Proof of vaccination  required for most venues; masks required indoors.
  • Caution: Vaccine mandate (or negative test within 24 hours) for most venues; mask mandate.
  • Mask Precautions: No vaccine mandate, mask mandate only.
  • All Clear: No vaccine or mask requirement.

Right now, Philadelphia is at All Clear

Read more about how the city defines each tier. 


Do I need proof of vaccination to go to a restaurant or venue?

Not necessarily. Under the new rules, you no longer have to show proof of vaccination at every restaurant, hotel, bowling alley, or sports center in Philadelphia.

However, businesses can still require proof of vaccination for employees and guests if they choose to. So, it’s a good idea to call before you go.

Do I still need to wear a mask indoors?

Not necessarily. Philadelphia is in the All Clear phase, so masks are not required indoors in most places.

There are still some places where you are required to wear a mask, including higher-risk settings like schools, healthcare settings, and public transit. You are also still required to wear a mask in the airport and on flights. You also still need to wear a mask in city buildings until March 7

Here’s a list of where you still need a mask in Philly.

Are masks still required in schools?

Yes. At the moment, tthe current mask mandates for students are still in effect. If cases continue to drop, the mandate will be lifted for schools, though students and staff will be required to wear masks after spring break so there’s no increase in cases.

Read more about Philadelphia’s COVID-19 policies.