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When bosses told Ken Williams(l) and James Siler (r) that they could personalize their shared SEPTA office, the two went for some fun metal posters of superheroes.

They're both big comic book fans, so it made sense. Plus considering what the two do for a living, it was also a fitting decorative choice.

As two members of SEPTA's social media team, much of what the dynamic duo does can only be described as heroic.

Talk an angry commuter down? Not always, but often.

Give commuters updated travel information, ASAP? Every day.

Get a smelly train or bus cleaned up? More often than you'd care to think about.

Put a rude commuter in her place? Well, read on:

@MrsB_L_Swagger: I know people HATE me on septa, I refuse to share a 2 person seat.

@SEPTA_SOCIAL: Since you paid for two seats, you get both! What, oh you didn't!? Then #dudeitsrude!

Seriously – somebody get these two some capes. You try keeping up with need-it-now commuters who not only want to get where they're going fast, but demand answers to their questions, observations and complaints even faster.

And man, we have a lot of complaints. Not that they aren't often legit. (For some great reading from the commuter side of things, check out @SEPTAtravelwoes and @Peopleofsepta.)

Where's my train?

Who's in charge?

What's that smell?

Over the past four years, SEPTA have updated many of its online tools to make commuting more interactive. But none offers the instant exchange like @SEPTA_SOCIAL Twitter feed.

When I had an issue with a bomb-joking conductor, the team was on it. When commuters are acting naughty - feet on the seats, talking too loud, just being all-around tools - the team offers instant etiquette lessons with a #DUDEITSRUDE hash tag.

The team mans the feed weekdays from 7 a.m. to7 p.m. and weekends from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., though the admittedly social media-consumed guys seem to always be available.

If you don't already, give them a follow. Tell them @NotesFromHel sent you.