MOUNT HOLLY Citizens Serving the Homeless, a nonprofit organization seeking to create a large facility in Lumberton for Burlington County's homeless population, will hold a meeting May 6 explaining the project.

"It's not a hearing," said Madeleyn Mears-Seldon, president of the Mount Holly nonprofit. "It's a neighborhood meeting where people can ask questions."

The nonprofit has not yet applied to the township for the controversial project, although has said it expects to by June.

The meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. at the First Baptist Church, 1341 Woodlane Rd., Mount Holly.

Advocates also will make a video presentation describing their project, which envisions a 300-bed residential facility and a "transformative" treatment center on five acres at 111 Municipal Dr., Lumberton.

The proposed site would be surrounded by single-family homes. Wes Kennedy, an officer with Citizens Serving the Homeless, said the organization had sent letters to 470 residents in the vicinity, inviting them to the meeting.

Most neighbors object to the plan and have hired a land-use lawyer to represent them once an application is made. It is not yet clear whether variances would be required in order to build on the property, which had served as a military base and boarding school.

- David O'Reilly