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Dan DeLuca’s Mix Picks: Bouncing Souls, The Kinks and cartoon Christmas music

Plus, The Divine Hand Ensemble's solstice concert in Sellersville.

Bouncing Souls.
Bouncing Souls.Read moreRise Records

Bouncing Souls. This veteran New Brunswick, N.J., punk rock band, according to the oral history of the Stone Pony published in the New York Times this year, had even more to do with keeping the legendary Asbury Park venue afloat in its lean years than Bruce Springsteen did. The band is on a tour playing songs from 1996′s Maniacal Laughter and 2001′s How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Sunday at the Queen in Wilmington.

The Kinks, The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society. Yes, the “White Album” came out in 1968, and so did Beggars Banquet. Each of those sets received 50th anniversary treatments this year, and so has this album by the Beatles' and Stones' less popular British Invasion brethren. Village Green was widely viewed as a flop at the time, but is now considered by many to be the height of Ray Davies’ wistful, nostalgic art. It’s available in remastered single-volume form, and for obsessives, an 11-LP super-deluxe version.

Divine Hand Ensemble. The Philadelphia instrumental string ensemble led by theremin player Mano Divina make ghostly beautiful music whether they’re covering Black Sabbath or paying tribute to David Lynch’s Eraserhead. They return to Bucks County for their annual solstice concert. Thursday at Sellersville Theater.

The Cartoon Christmas Trio. Bassist Rob Swanson’s jazz ensemble swings into music familiar from perennial animated Yuletide TV shows, including How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and, of course, pianist Vince Guaraldi’s music for Peanuts' A Charlie Brown Christmas. Friday at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.