Bryce Harper hasn’t yet played a regular-season game with the Phillies, but he’s already made a splash in the Dominican tabloids.

Sunday at spring training, the Phillies star showed up in a locker-room video posted by infielder Jean Segura, dancing to “5 Mujeres,” a Dembow hit from the Dominican Republic. The song is about the challenges that come with being involved with five women.

So was Harper any good?


  • “This one is going to be plantain-ized soon enough,” a comment reads in Spanish, referring to how much green plantains are used as a way of identification in the Dominican Republic, based on one’s local cuisine.
  • “Harper is humble. It doesn’t matter how many millions Harper has. He enjoys being with a Dominican. And, Dominicans get along with literally everybody," @dorlyn22_rd wrote.
  • “I love this pic! I never imagined Harper as a Phillies but I am loving it. Looks like he’s fitting in well with this crazy bunch! Go Phillies!!,” @philsfan68 commented.
  • “... Harper didn’t dance like this when they gave him all that money ....” @victornicanor said on one of the more than 10 Instagram accounts that reposted the video.

This is not the first time that Harper and Segura have appeared together on Instagram. On March 3, Segura posted a photo with a comment that, translated from Spanish, reads: “Haters will say that I’m fawning.”

Although, some might question Segura and Harper’s bonding, it seems that Dominican Dembow is contagious enough to let two multi-million-dollar all-stars get their grooves on.

There’s a baseball connection to the song “5 Mujeres.” It’s by former Dominican MLB player José Reyes — now known in his urban music career as La Melaza — and Lírico En La Casa. Posted Friday, their YouTube video has drawn 365,000 views to date. On Instagram, José Reyes La Melaza (@lamelaza_7) reposted Segura’s story and has been viewed 211,000 times with almost 700 comments, in Spanish, English and Spanglish.