Philadelphia police, called to a West Oak Lane home to investigate the theft of 10 firearms, found what they thought was a stick of dynamite taped to an aerosol can, prompting them to call in the bomb squad and to evacuate three houses.

The stick of explosives turned out to be a less-powerful firework, which the bomb squad removed without incident, authorities said.

Police said they responded to the house at West 65th and North 15th Streets about 5 a.m. Monday, when a man called to report that 10 of his firearms had been stolen from his residence.

While in the house, police found a stick of explosives taped to an aerosol can, officials said. Believing it was a stick of dynamite, police evacuated the house and two neighboring homes, cordoned off the area, and called in the Fire Department.

“It’s very unusual to see something like that among that many firearms,” Police Capt. Thomas Davidson told 6ABC at the scene before the bomb squad determined it was a firework taped to an aerosol can and removed the potentially explosive device.

Police are continuing to investigate and no charges were immediately filed.