After a surprisingly moving rendition of Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect,” many Masked Singer fans were wondering just who exactly was under the bat-like mask of the colorful Thingamabob.

On Wednesday night, the hulking crooner was revealed to be none other than Eagles star Jordan Mailata, who was sadly voted off. The reveal that it was the 6′8″ offensive tackle floored the judges, who had guessed similarly-statured movie star Jason Momoa.

Arguably more surprising than the reveal were Mailata’s performances. His rendition of Sheeran’s wedding staple even brought panelist Ken Jeong to tears.

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“Thank you for this, man. This is why the show is so special. You are why I do the show and this is my favorite performance of the season,” said Jeong.

While the judges may have been shocked, Mailata’s teammates knew about his hidden talent. ““We were like, ‘This guy’s in the NFL? He should be in Nashville singing country songs,’” Eagles’ reserve Joe Ostman told the Inquirer. “I’ve heard him sing lots of songs. In the sauna, in the locker room, I’ve heard him sing a lot of songs now and they all sound better than the original version.”