Many homeowners will soon head to their attics, basements, and storage units to retrieve holiday decorations. It’s a perfect time to inspect little-noticed parts of your house, inside and out, and plan repairs accordingly. Here are some recommendations from Groundworks, a national company that specializes in basement, foundation and crawl space repair.

Electrical outlets. Outdoor outlets are exposed to the elements and can suffer damage. If you suspect a problem, do not use the outlet, and consult an electrician.

Overgrown shrubs. To protect your home’s foundation, shrubs should be at least two feet from the house. Cut back evergreens now, and use the limbs as holiday decorations. For other shrubs, mark your calendar for March or April, which is the best time to trim.

Roofs and gutters. If you’re up on a ladder hanging lights, take a close look for gutter blockages and missing or damaged shingles. Also check for water pooling at the foundation.

Chimney. Inspect whether your chimney is pulling away from the house and whether portions of your house are out of plumb. These can be signs of foundation problems. One way to check for tilt is to attach a small weight to a string and hold it from the top edge of the house.

Pest damage. Check your attic or storage space for evidence of mice, bats or insects when you retrieve your decorations. Outside, look along the eaves for wasps nests or woodpecker holes. On the ground, check for signs of termites or ants.

Siding damage or rot. Look for signs of deterioration, damage or wood rot on siding or window frames.