A 38-year-old suspended lawyer from Downingtown has been charged with fraudulently incurring unpaid debts in the name of his ex-wife’s mother, Chester County District Attorney Thomas Hogan said Friday..

Joshua Janis was charged in December with racking up hefty credit card bills in the name of his ex-wife to pay for strip club visits, pornography, and a mistress. And he was charged earlier last year with defrauding legal clients.

“The defendant’s pattern of conduct is reprehensible,” Hogan said in a statement. “He regarded everyone he met as a potential victim — his clients, his wife, even his mother-in-law.”

Hogan said the investigation was ongoing.

In the latest case, Janis was charged with theft and related offenses for incurring $5,000 in unpaid debt in the name of the mother of his ex-wife, Ellen Hulnick.