COLUMBUS, Ohio — Stormy Daniels is suing police officers in Ohio’s capital for $2 million over her arrest at a strip club last summer.

The federal defamation lawsuit filed Monday alleges that Columbus officers conspired to retaliate against the porn actress over her sex allegations concerning Donald Trump before he became president.

Daniels' real name is Stephanie Clifford. She was arrested in July on suspicion of inappropriately touching a female undercover officer. Two other club employees also were arrested.

Prosecutors dropped charges against Daniels hours later, saying the law cited in her arrest applied only to those who regularly performed at the club.

The city prosecutor later said the law was "glaringly inequitable" and should no longer be enforced.

A police spokeswoman said Monday it would be inappropriate to comment because an internal investigation of the vice squad continues.

A spokeswoman for the city attorney’s office says it is deciding the best course of action.