The Camden County Prosecutor's Office on Thursday released video from a body cam worn by a Woodlynne Borough police officer charged with assault for allegedly using pepper spray on two people without provocation last week.

Ryan Dubiel, 31, of Wenonah, was charged Wednesday with two counts of simple assault in the June 4 incident. The Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement that video recorded of the afternoon incident shows “that at the time of the OC spray deployment, the individuals were not observed physically resisting or attempting to harm others or themselves.” “OC” stands for oleoresin capsicum, oil found in peppers.

Dubiel, who has worked for the Woodlynne Police Department for 10 months, was suspended without pay. The Prosecutor’s Office said Dubiel has worked for nine different police departments.

The body cam video shows Dubiel and another officer responding to a 911 complaint about people trespassing and loitering in front of a residence.

Several young males are seen on a porch when words are exchanged between Dubiel and one of them. The video shows Dubiel then spraying the males.