At least 50 guns were confiscated Wednesday night from the Northeast Philadelphia home of an apparently suicidal man, police said.

Just before 4:30 p.m., police were called to the 9700 block of Northeast Avenue by family members concerned that a 72-year-old man who lives alone there was suicidal, said Chief Inspector Scott Small. The man was taken without incident to Friends Hospital for an evaluation.

Police checked the house and began finding handguns, rifle, and shotguns, as well as numerous ammunition clips, Small said. The firearms were taken for “safekeeping," Small said.

Police also found what appeared to be 10 hand grenades. The Bomb Squad determined the grenades were inert. Police also found what may be a pipe bomb, black powder, and a jar of mercury. The Fire Department was called to remove the mercury.

The family told police the man used to have a gun dealership. “Everything could be legitimately owned,” Small said.