At noon on Monday, high school and college students across Pittsburgh are expected to gather at the City-County Building in downtown for a rally protesting the acquittal of Michael Rosfeld in the killing of Antwon Rose II.

In a statement, Rebecca Rovins, an organizer of the rally and an undergraduate student at Carnegie Mellon University, said: “It is only through solidarity between students and teachers, youth and workers, and through uniting the struggles of all oppressed people that we can build a movement to build a better Pittsburgh and a better world free of racism, white supremacy, and all violence and injustice.”

Organizers are stressing to participants that the rally remain peaceful.

Students at Pittsburgh Public Schools must have permission from their parents to participate in the walkouts and follow the district’s early dismissal procedures, superintendent Anthony Hamlet said over the weekend. The district will make support available for any “difficult conversation that may arise with students as a result of the outcome of the jury’s decision,” he added.

“It is critical that we help our students find their voice during this challenging time,” Hamlet said. “We know that the death of Antwon Rose, the jury’s decision, the reactions of the community, and coverage in the news media can be confusing, and at times frightening for our young people — many of whom see themselves, family members, and friends in Antwon. It is our responsibility to process this moment with our students in a way that honors not only their emotions but their abilities to impact change in our community. We are committed to this charge.”