A wily bear that was on the loose, roaming the lush woods of the Philly suburbs, was finally caught Tuesday night.

The young bear, which residents had seen wandering Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties, was caught Tuesday in Clifton Heights. The Clifton Heights Fire Company and Clifton Heights Borough Police Department, along with game wardens, were able to shoot the bear with a tranquilizer dart as he swung from a tree in the backyard of a house on the 200 block of West Baltimore Pike.

After fighting against the sedative effects of the tranquilizer, the bear finally fell to the ground, video footage posted by the Clifton Heights Fire Company showed. The bear will be examined and released into a less populated area, the fire company said.

After hitting the young bear with a tranquilizer dart earlier in the hunt, the Pennsylvania Game Commission turned to one of the ursine traveler’s only weaknesses: jelly doughnuts. Game wardens stuffed a cylindrical trap full of the sticky-sweet breakfast pastries.

But even with the aroma of temptation, the young bear still wandered a bit longer before his eventual capture.

In his brief time on the lam, the Delco bear inspired locals, gripped by the excitement of a furry rebel who dared to explore the Philly suburbs unfettered by the law.

“This is the most boring town,” one resident told 6ABC. “This is the most exciting thing that’s happened today.”