A man broke into a home in Overbrook Park early Sunday and terrorized two women, police said, raping one and shooting the other when she was awakened by her roommate’s screams.

Philadelphia police are asking for help in identifying the man, who was caught on video, dressed in black and carrying a gun on his hip before he forced open the door of the house in the 7400 block of Brockton Road shortly after 5 a.m.

Before the attack, police said, the suspect was recorded on cameras belonging to residents and the city as he opened a car door and rummaged through the vehicle, then attempted to open the doors of several other cars, which were locked. The man was wearing dark clothing and white sneakers with black stripes, and appeared to be wearing gloves.

Police say he broke into the house, and raped a 21-year-old woman and shot her roommate in the abdomen after she told him to take what he wanted and leave, said Capt. Mark Burgmann of the Special Victims Unit.

Both women were taken to Lankenau Medical Center, where the shooting victim remains in critical condition, said Burgmann, who discussed the crime and released the video during a Tuesday news conference.

In addition to video of the suspect, other forensic evidence was recovered at the scene, he said.

“He does meet the physical description given, including the clothing also,” he said of the suspect, who was seen tampering with the cars within an hour of the break-in.

The victims did not know the suspect, Burgmann said. “I think quite frankly he was going around trying to get into vehicles or anything he could, and I think he forced his way inside the property,” he said. “We do not believe they were targeted at all.”

Burgmann declined to say what the suspect stole from the apartment. He said the man is considered armed and dangerous. “I think he’s a pretty dangerous individual to break into somebody’s house, rape somebody, then shoot somebody,” he said.

He suggested that residents lock their doors and windows, and use dead bolts if they have them, “because as you can see, this gentleman is out prowling around at night, looking for anywhere he can get in.”