Carrie Verdella Croxton, 80, of Philadelphia, who once worked as a cook at the Overbrook School for the Blind, and as a nursing home aide, died Sunday, May 23, of lung cancer at Christiana Hospital in Wilmington, Del.

Known to friends and family as “Della,” Mrs. Croxton loved to cook and was especially good at baking rolls, cakes, and pies,her sister, Iris Ebron, said.

“We were a close-knit family, and when we got together on holidays and for barbecues, Della did a lot of the cooking,” Ebron said.

She described her sister as a warm woman who loved to tell jokes and stories.

She was also a talented seamstress who designed her own clothing, Ebron said. “The whole family sewed, our grandmother, aunts, and cousins,” she noted, adding that one of Mrs. Croxton’s granddaughters is a clothing designer.

Mrs. Croxton was born April 27, 1941, to Bernard and Elva Sutton Harcum in the small town of Gonyon, Va. She was the eldest of 11 children.

She was educated in Northumberland County public schools. In 1960, while still living in Virginia, she married Edward Croxton.

About 1961, the couple followed family members who migrated north to Philadelphia. Her husband died a few years later in 1964.

Mrs. Croxton’s daughter, Anne Harcum-Carroll, said her mother kept all of her children in church on Sundays. For years, she was a member of To God be the Glory Church of Deliverance in Southwest Philadelphia. At another church, she formed a trio singing group.

Twins are common in the family, Ebron, said, and there are about 20 sets of twins on both their mother’s and father’s sides of the family.

Their mother had one set of twins and Mrs. Croxton had a set of twins among her eight children.

In addition to her daughter and sister, Mrs. Croxton is survived by daughters Marlesa Croxton and Pamela Croxton-Keel; sons Darren, Eric, Keith and Kevin Croxton; two brothers; two other sisters; 37 grandchildren; 41 great-grandchildren; and many other relatives and friends. A daughter, Edwina, died earlier.

A funeral service was held on Friday, June 4.