• Lena Sims
  • 69 years old
  • Lived in Germantown
  • She cared for her family despite health challenges

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Lena Sims used a wheelchair for most of her life because of osteoporosis, and she lived a cheerful life filled with love for her children and grandchildren.

“She lived a joyous, abundant life,” said daughter Annette Young. “She had many, many health challenges, not just osteoporosis. She had asthma. She had diabetes. But despite all her health issues, she still loved everybody. She was always happy. She lived a happy, joyous life.”

Ms. Sims, 69, of Germantown, died Thursday, April 16, at Einstein Medical Center from complications of the coronavirus.

“Basically, she loved everyone,” Young said. “She had a heart of gold, and she was there for everyone that she came in contact with. She instilled her faith and gave spiritual advice to everybody.”

Ms. Sims was especially caring when it came to family. Her daughter said Ms. Sims’ five brothers and sisters had all died by 2002, so she basically raised all her nieces and her nephews. She also took great pleasure in babysitting her grandchildren.

When the Eagles played football on Sundays, Ms. Sims was watching.

She loved watching NFL games and “was one of the biggest Eagles fans ever,” according to her daughter. Her family enjoyed frequent dinners with her and loved playing cards once the meal was over. They took her to the casino every now and then.

“It’s crazy,” Young said. “The doctors didn’t expect her to live past being a teenager because of her bone disease, and she lived to be 69. Of all the health challenges she had her whole life, I just can’t believe that the coronavirus is what took her out of here.”

In addition to her daughter, Ms. Sims is survived by daughters Jeanette, Sharon, and Karen; son Darrin; former husband McKinley Sims Jr.; a brother; 14 grandchildren; and 11 great-grandchildren.

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