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Crime under the ‘watchful’ eye of Larry Krasner | Cartoon

Apparently the bucks stop anywhere but here.

Convictions continue to drop under Larry Krasner.
Convictions continue to drop under Larry Krasner.Read moreTom Stiglich

Gun arrests in Philadelphia are on a record pace, but the convictions continue to drop under the “watchful” eye of Larry Krasner. People accused of illegally carrying guns saw their chances of getting convicted in court plunge from 63% in 2017 to 49% just two years later, a recent Inquirer report found. Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw said Philadelphia’s criminal justice system has become a “revolving door” for repeat gun offenders.

Krasner explains the trend by blaming his favorite target, the police. The DA claims they’re submitting weaker evidence; he also criticizes the court system, saying cases get tossed out because witnesses didn’t show up in court. Krasner then goes on to blame underfunded schools, government neglect of poorer neighborhoods, lack of employment opportunities, and a overcrowded justice system that has unfairly targeted Black and brown residents. He neglects to mention his own responsibility.

The statistics show that in this city, if you commit a crime and actually do get arrested, chances are you’ll get a sweetheart deal.

Where have you gone, Lynne Abraham?

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