Philadelphia Media Network Systems Analyst LeVar Stevens recommends that Foles haters check the evidence on eBay.

As I watched an Eagles game back in the early days of Nick Foles' career, I remember leaning over to my wife with a bold prediction: This guy is going to bring a championship to Philly.

She rolled her eyes at me and said “that ain’t happenin'.” For a while it looked like she was right. He got traded to the Rams, and under Jeff Fisher it looked like his career was over. My wife would remind me how bad he was playing. “I told you! He stinks!”

But on March 13, 2017, the Eagles signed Nick to a two-year contract. I was surprised that they brought him back. I celebrated: “Hey babe, guess who’s back!”

“Whatever! He ain’t starting,” she said.

He may not have been starting, but he was a solid backup. As the season played out, the Eagles looked unstoppable. The real test would be Week 14 against the Rams, who were also cookin’.

During the Rams game, Foles came in for starter Carson Wentz, who tore his ACL. I knew some fans would believe the season was over. I remember thinking, Nope. Foles will get us farther.

As the playoffs started, I heard and watched a lot of sports media. One guy who hated on Foles and the Eagles most was Colin Cowherd. This guy is a Philly hater. I wanted him to eat every word he said about the city and the Eagles. But there were some local hosts saying the same about the quarterback. (You know who you are.)

Going into the first game, something felt different about this team. It wasn’t like previous playoff teams or the 2004 squad. The championship felt possible. A buddy of mine asked if I wanted to go to the NFC Championship game. Without asking my wife, I said, ‘Yes!’ (It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.)

The atmosphere was nuts. You could not hear yourself think. After the Viking scored their first and only touchdown, Nick had it in the bag. He was displaying what I saw in him years ago: greatness.

It was then time to check on my friend, Mr. Cowherd. All I heard was Foles isn’t greater then Brady. There’s no way the Eagles can win. Yeah! Cowherd, you keep talking!

On Championship Sunday, the Eagles were rolling. Nick was dropping dimes everywhere. The Pats didn’t seem prepared for what was happening. Then came the Philly Special. That blew my mind, the combination of insanity and fortitude to do that. When the Pats scored in the second half to take the lead, I kept hope alive. I started looking for a Foles figure on eBay. I found one for $14. I was thinking this is going to be worth something tomorrow. Moments later, the Eagles won.

I looked at my wife and said a spouse’s favorite words: “I told you!" The next day, the Foles figure was selling for $80.

Some folks are still not won over by Team Foles. Me? I’m ready to hop back on eBay.