Manny Machado got paid.

The superstar free agent reportedly agreed to a 10-year, $300 million deal to join the San Diego Padres.

The agreement is the biggest free-agent contract in U.S. sports history, according to

(For now, at least.)

Some on Twitter couldn’t blame Machado for picking San Diego over other offers on the table, such as from the White Sox, or even Philadelphia.

Others were a little surprised Machado picked the Padres, who finished last in the National League West last season.

But there are theories about that, too.

Forgot what happened? You must not be a Red Sox fan.

There’s also one very obvious reason Machado picked the Padres.

Now that Machado is off the table, baseball fans are ready to see the other free-agent superstar make a move.

Bryce Harper has been courted by plenty of teams: the Giants, the Nationals and, of course, the Phillies.

And Machado’s getting a huge deal means ... Harper’s might be even bigger.

Harper has made clear he’s looking for a lucrative, long-term contract, and Phillies owner John Middleton has made clear since the offseason started that he’s willing to spend some “stupid money.”

Now, Phillies fans are ready to see Middleton sign Harper so they can start dreaming about what October might look like.

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