In his first press conference since agreeing to a 12-year, $430 million contract extension that will keep him in an Angels uniform for the next decade, Mike Trout declared to fans gathered in Anaheim that he had no intention of leaving Southern California.

The 27-year-old South Jersey native addressed rumors about the Phillies.

“Obviously, [there was] a lot of talk about going back east, and back to Philly,” he said before a fan interrupted him with a “boo.”

“But you know, I enjoy every minute being here,” he said. “This is my home; I love it.

“A lot of things went into it. I think the direction of the franchise, that was big for me. I think if it was going the other way, I would have had to consider going but, you know, it never crossed my mind ... I was gonna be an Angel for life.”

Trout told FOX Sports West after the press conference that it would have been hard to leave his “second family” with the Angels.

“I grow relationships, and I think that was big for me going into this decision,” he said. “If I would have left, obviously [I’d be] staying in touch with some of these guys, but I would have lost the friendships ... Every day I enjoy coming to the ballpark, you guys see the energy.”

Trout spoke directly to the fans, who cheered him as he stood at a podium outside Angel Stadium beside a giant red ballcap.

He got choked up as he began to thank the Angels team officials, his family and his wife.

“I love you guys; thanks for all the support,” he said after pausing and stepping away from the podium. “Woo, I’m losing it.”

And to the fans, the seven-time all-star expressed his gratitude, and told them about his goal.

“You guys have been unbelieveable,” he said. “I want to bring a championship back to Anaheim. Let’s go, baby.”