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They folded up the tent

And so comes word that the Boy Scouts and the City of Philadelphia have reached a settlement. The Scouts will pocket the 800 or so thousand dollars due them as a result of the most abusive of abusive processes pursued by the LGBT lobby, and the City will be able to erase their presence from the municipal landscape. Both sides will be able to claim victory, with the Scouts leaving of their own accord in dignity and with a nice chunk of city change, while Mayor Nutter and the lynch mob of politically correct bullies that have persecuted the Scouts for years finally able to walk by that palace on the Parkway without holding their noses. It matters not that here, in this the birthplace of all that is noble in our civic identity a cabal of mean-spirited men and women, drunk on their own sense of entitlement and power  coerced a lawful entity which was conducting a valuable activity to break camp after a century. The shame is their own, the loss is ours.