This sounds like a story we've seen before. A physics technician at England's University of Bristol has been busted for moonlighting as a drug producer and using equipment at the school. Unlike Walter White, though, the tech, Timothy Newbury, doesn't seem to have been the brains of the operation. Instead, his job was to use the physics labs' hydraulic press to squish cut cocaine into blocks for distribution. According to This Is Bristol, he never even got paid for his trouble:

"Newbury, of Skypark Road, Bedminster, admitted possession with intent to supply the smaller amount and was jailed for a period of 18 months. The court heard he was to receive a modest amount of money for his part but did not receive any...

"Earlier Kenneth Bell, prosecuting, said the men were stopped in Hotwells at 9.30am when Avery [Newbury's accomplice] was found to have 252.58g of 13 per cent purity cocaine in pressed form.

"Three amounts of cocaine totalling 742.09g were then found at his home at levels of purity as high as 82 per cent." [This is Bristol, via io9]