I don't like that my girlfriend makes goggly eyes at him, but as a guy who likes animals, Leonardo DiCaprio is okay in my book. Earlier this week, the actor raised $38.8 million for wildlife conservation with a star-studded art auction (also, The Departed was awesome).

"'Our goal here tonight is very simple. The funds raised will directly go to support innovative conservation projects on land and in our oceans,' DiCaprio told attendees. 'Please. I urge all of you to bid as if the fate of the planet depends on us.'

"A group of environmental experts and theLeonardo DiCaprio Foundation will decide where the money goes. To put the figure in context, the single night of fundraising by DiCaprio could fund WWF's global programs for over 3 months.

A few years ago, he also donated a cool million of his own money for tiger conservation at the Global Tiger Summit. [Mongabay]