I like Marty Moss Coane and her legendary local broadcast, Radio Times. About a decade ago, before I became known as the Sarah Palin of Philly.com, I even had the pleasure of being interviewed by Marty about immigration reform (which we still don't have, thanks to our dysfunctional Congressional family.) Marty is a classy chick.

However. Radio Times recently bungled a segment on the Kermit Godnell verdict, acting more like a forum for Planned Parenthood than a legitimate source of unbiased information. Marty chose only one guest to interview, a writer by the name of Tara Murtha who writes about 'social justice' issues for Philadphia Weekly.  Ms. Murtha's bias is clear to anyone who googles her name: she has disdain for the right to life movement which she sometimes refers to, too cutely by a mile 'anti-choice.' And guess what? That's fine for an oped columnist (Lord knows I've laid it on pretty thick from the other side of the barricade.

The thing is, I've never pretended to be a journalist. On 'Inside Story' they bill me as an 'attorney/columnist' which is exactly the right order. Ms Murtha, an award-winning writer, is not an unbiased observer of the abortion debate. Therefore, Marty would have displayed a bit more balance had she either gotten someone from the other side to supplement Tara's commentary, or had she simply chosen an unbiased journalist to give her 'just the facts, Ma'am.'

Again, I like Radio Times. But the May 14th broadcast was not one of its finest moments. Just saying.