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Smoke gets in your eyes

Smokers present a soft target

Kind of hard to believe, but there has been actual pushback against Mayor Nutter's latest edict, this time banning smoking (except barbecues, I guess) in all city parks.

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I was at the press conference and really had just one question. The reason given for the ban was to prevent litter (cigarette butts), second-hand smoke and to help people quit.

That being the case, I asked the mayor, when you will ban cigarettes on the street, where there is a greater concentration of butts and smokers? He said there have been no conversations about that.


Look, if public health (and sanitation) is your issue -- go for it.

If not, it is smoke and mirrors and doing things for effect. That this is a joke is proven by the absence of a fine and any enforcement mechanism.

It's just to annoy smokers and further ostracize them. They are a soft target, easy to demonize.