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All the games, on just one screen!

MLB fans on X1 can now keep up on ALL the games, with the just launching "Extras" from Philly-based sports data integrator OneTwoSee.

Sports viewers have twitchy fingers, jumping between event channels or looking down at their smartphone/tablet at the first sign of a game lull or commercial.

But with the interactive data apps that Philadelphia based OneTwoSee supplies as a compliment to live sports events, users become "far more likely" to stick with a game (and keep peace in the house), said OneTwoSee Co-Founder/CEO Chris Reynolds.

Satisfaction levels should likely loom even higher, starting Tuesday, as Comcast cranks up  supplementary content provided by OneTwoSee in the Xfinity Sports App - a free, on-screen enhancement  X1 box users can call up on their TV in split-screen fashion.

The trick is easily done by pressing the "C" button on their X1 remote, by speaking "Sports App" into the remote's microphone or by launching Sports from the Apps menu.

Before, Sports App viewers only saw info on the right side banner that related to the home team game on screen.

Now, there's a dig-deeper option called "Extras," arriving first with Baseball Extras, which lets the viewer track second-by-second and with amazing detail how every MLB game and participant is progressing.

And, if necessary, they can follow all that while the main portion of the screen is keeping kids entertained with "Sesame Street" or "Frozen."

For easy of ingesting, these sports updates show on screen in a rotating carousel fashion. And if a really hot game catches your eye (and the kids don't mind), a viewer can instantly switch the main screen TV action to check it out live (where available) without having to first search the guide or enter a specific channel number

OneTwoSee takes in, processes and graphically enhances play-by-play content "from a variety of services that have trackers at the venues for every game," said Reynolds. The secret sauce is in OneTwoSee's computer algorithms - smarter than Las Vegas odds makers.

Baseball Extras has a skill set to "rate games based on team records, compute each team's win probability and preview pitching matchups," said Preston Smalley, executive director, product management, at Comcast Silicon Valley. "During a game, the app displays real-time stats and analysis like strike-out percentages, pitch counts, hit zones and spray charts."

A hit zone displays the odds that the batter will connect with the ball at various spots over the plate. A spray chart graphically lays out the likelihood a player will hit to one field or another.

"Fans like me feel like they're sitting in the dugout next to the manager, reading the game like a member of the staff," Smalley added.

Then after the final pitch is thrown, the app delivers a post-game recap instantly calculating the most valuable player and which players racked up the most fantasy points.

Founded in 2010 and based close by Comcast HQ on Arch Street, OneTwoSee also sells its "white-label" (non-branded) products and apps to the likes of NBC Sports, YES Network, Canada's TSN and Rogers Communications, LG Electronics, Samsung and FoxSports.
Besides MLB action, OneTwoSee seasonally tracks NBA, NCAA basketball and football, NHL and NASCAR. So, too, will X1Sports App Extras, said Smalley.