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Moore Push-Pin Company incorporates

In 1900, Mr. Edwin Moore founded the Moore Push-Pin Company (with a capital investment of $112.60) to make and sell an article of his own invention which he described as "a pin with a handle."

He rented a room and devoted each evening to making push-pins and he sold what he made the following day. The first sale was one gross of push-pins for $2. The next memorable order was for $75, and the first "big deal" was a sale of $1,000 to Eastman Kodak.

The firm continued to grow and was incorporated on July 19, 1904, as the "Moore Push-Pin Company." Over the next few years, Mr. Moore invented and patented many other items, such as the picture hangers and map tacks.

From 1912 through 1977, the company was located on Berkeley Street in Germantown. Today, the Moore Push-Pin Company occupies a large plant in Wyndmoor, Montgomery County.

The business is still exclusively devoted to the manufacturing and packaging of "little things."