Subhuman filth.

That's the only way to describe the kind of animal who would allegedly attack and rape a woman not once – but twice.

It doesn't matter that it happened in Rittenhouse Square – the crown jewel of Philadelphia. The fact that it occurred on prime real estate shouldn't make it any less of a high profile crime than if it happened, say, in one of Philadelphia's poorer neighborhoods.

But if the allegations are true about undocumented worker illegal alien Milton Mateo Garcia, then I don’t want him deported.

Not yet that is.

I want him to be detained and held in our jails. I want him to feel justice – Philly style.

And then, if he is ever released from jail, I want him sent back to Honduras.

He's not the only one.

I want every single illegal immigrant deported from our country.


I am even willing to pay an additional tax to foot the bill if necessary. How often will you hear a Republican say that?

Whether they are considered peaceful or not, illegal aliens are lawbreakers – every single one of them. If you are working or living here illegally, you have already broken our laws. You will do it again. Illegal aliens are the quintessential recidivists.

Some in Washington in my Republican Party believe they are showing compassion to humanity by creating a path to citizenship for illegal aliens. What they are actually doing is not only selling out their principles, but they are trashing the Constitution. They are spitting in the face of every single legal immigrant who has followed the rules and respected our laws.

Illegal aliens don't deserve to go to the back of the line. They deserve to go back to their countries – if their countries will even take them.

If Milton Mateo Garcia is eventually found guilty of being the rapist, then there will be one indisputable fact. If he had been deported for a second time before this event occurred, that rape would have never occurred.

Now, there are some good people who dissent with my hardcore line on immigration.

Take A. Charles Peruto, the noted criminal defense attorney. His take?

"A rape is a rape. There are so many illegal immigrants who work their balls off and are disgraced by this guy." [As an aside Peruto also added that he was very impressed by the police sketch artist.]

Peruto's opinion is shared by many good people I know.

But I quite frankly don't care about the opinions of illegal immigrants on anything. Their opinions carry zero weight to me.

Former City Council candidate Joe McColgan mentioned on his Facebook page, "Wonder how the mayor feels now?" referring to Mayor Michael Nutter's decision to end the ability for federal agents to detain illegal aliens arrested in Philadelphia.

Yes, Mayor Nutter, how do you feel?

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