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Featherman: Ex-GOP candidate for DA switching parties, trying again

Michael Untermeyer was the Republican nominee in the 2009 race for district attorney, which he lost to Seth Williams.

"I ran then because I was an outsider," he exclusively told U-Turn Thursday.

And now? "Only a Democrat can win this office."

Untermeyer, a Center City attorney and real estate developer, says he is exploring a run in next year's Democratic primary because he believes he will be "the best candidate" if he decides to run.

Williams, who is seeking his third term in office, has at least one confirmed challenger in the primary - former federal prosecutor Joe Khan - but several more are possible.

Untermeyer, 65 and single, previously served as an assistant district attorney as well as a senior deputy attorney general in the Philadelphia regional office. He also had brief stints at the Office of Inspector General as well as at the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board.

Why did Untermeyer change parties? And why is he running again?

"This time," he said, "I don't want to run as an outsider."

Watch the complete interview below:


John Featherman is a real estate broker and Republican with libertarian leanings who writes about politics.