2. The arms connect the fingers to the body and are just beneath the "U" shape. Give the arms, fingers and tail a second line to thicken them. Notice how the space between the big ears is also a  "U" shape. Connect the fingers, feet and tail with webbing. Give the bat a face.

3. Shading will really make your drawing look solid. Did you notice that the underside of the wings is darker than the top? For best results, have your pencil strokes follow the direction that the fur grows on the body.

4. With your watercolors, markers or colored pencils, create an environment for your bat. It can live on a city street or in the country.  Your background can be simple – such as the sky and trees we have here – or a more complex scene from your imagination.

Art Thieves are invited to send or email copies of their work to Amy Raudenbush, our professional artist. Phone pictures are fine. One drawing weekly will be selected for publication on Sept. 4 and the selected artist will receive art supplies.  Be sure to include your name, age, mailing address and phone number. Bat drawing must be received by July 29, 2016 to be eligible for the weekly prize.

Next week's heist: Draw a super hero!

Recent winners: Marie Logan, 10; Sarah Freeman, 9; Katharine Usher, 5; Michael El, 11