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2 good reads

Tied up on a deadline story -- again! Meanwhile, two good reads came my way recently, both with a Philadelphia connection!

1) OK, I'm sure you've heard again and again about Arlen Specter, the JFK assassination, and "the single bullet theory." How was it viewed at the time? Check out this magazine article -- from 1966! -- from a then Daily Newser; it's long but it raises some good questions, especially as to why Specter's legal team didn't get access to x-rays of the slain presidennt/ (h/t Attytood reader DG.)

2) Meanwhile, Maureen (a.k.a. Mo) Tkacik, a much younger journalist who's also wended her way through the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia magazine (not to mention Gawker and the Wall Street Journal -- how's that for variety) has written something of a tell-all with some juicy tidbits about the state of modern journalism. It is not pretty. (h/t Attytood reader SM.)