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Another Philadelphia team to lose at Fenway Park in 2010?

Published reports suggest that -- while it's not a done deal -- the Flyers are emerging as the frontrunners to play the Bruins outdoors at Fenway Park on Jan. 1 in the NHL's Winter Classic, which is fast becoming one of my favorite events in all of sports. That's cool, even though most locals have been rooting for a Flyers-Penguins grudge match before 110,000 maniacs in Happy Valley.

But given the Phillies' "success" against the Red Sox in recent years, fans also have a good reason to fear the Green Monster.

Speaking of the Phillies, I just read this detailed analysis of what's wrong with them by the Inquirer's Andy Martino that leaves me thoroughly convinced one has a freakin' clue what's wrong with them. I do think that J-Roll is a huge part of it. What's wrong with J-Roll? I'll get back to you on that as soon as I figure out whether there's life on other planets and who killed JFK.

(Photo by Jared Vincent)