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Apocalypse now -- for a Democrat

The Democratic Senate candidate in Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, isn't even on the ballot today, but already he's the biggest loser. As the New York Times (the same "liberal paper" that also destroyed its local Democrats Eliot Spitzer and David Patterson, but I digress...) reports, Blumenthal has gone out of his way to imply he served in Vietnam, even though 40 years ago he went out of his way NOT to fight there.

And you thought Arlen Specter was toast! Blumenthal will likely go on the offensive, but the honorable thing would be to step aside before it's too late. Connecticut is a liberal-leaning state with some of the worst Democrats I've ever seen -- that's a damn shame for them.

Is America ready for U.S. Sen. Linda McMahon (R-WWE)?