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Are you there, Rod? It's me, handcuffs

It's just like "Airplane" -- I picked a heck of a day to quit sniffing glue and get my car fixed.

Three quick thoughts on the corruption catastrophe that is soon-to-be-ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, just based on watching CNN in the waiting room and having seen no online chatter at all:

Chicago Tribune: Good (for not firing editorial writer or writers in question).

UPDATE: Scratch that -- kind of bad, since owner San Zell made it seem like he was playing ball.

Obama: OK (good that his camp only offered "sympathy" to Blago, kind of bad if they didn't go to the authorities if they had damning evidence.)

Blagojevich: Hockey had Wayne Gretzky, golf has Tiger Woods, and now the world of corrupt sleazeball politicians has its all-time "king."