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Attytood reader e-mail of the week

Back to the '70s

Now a reading of the email I received tonight from "John in Northeast Philly."

John writes:

Hello, No disrespect but liberals like you make me sick. Quite frankly real Americans don't care what we do to these bastards and we shouldn't. In fact until we start beheading them on live TV, they and their supporters don't have a complaint.

No disrespect! Have you ever seen Jon Stewart do his riff on that -- too funny. He then says I look like a guy on some show called the "Hippy Gourmet" on PBS. I don't know the show but if it involves food and hippies, I would probably like it. Just in case you were wondering where John in Northeast Philly is going with this, he concludes:

Keep wishing for obama, as a Philadelphian you've suffered under enough black leaders and quarterbacks to know better.

Yup, how could anyone vote for Obama after watching McNabb guide the Eagles for the last eight seasons -- unless they have "a social concern"? I truly hope Philadelphia can be restored to those glory years when Roman Gabriel was guiding the Eagles and Frank Rizzo was in City Hall.