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Breaking news: Nick Foles wins full term as 44th starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles

Wow, that was exciting. The Eagles won a game for the first time since Mitt Romney was up seven in the Gallup poll, but much more importantly, Nick Foles answered the question of whether he is the Eagles' quarterback of the future with two remarkable, no-huddle drives in the game's final minutes, concluding with a 1-yard touchdown pass to a sliding Jeremy Macklin as time expired. The kid showed remarkable poise that meant even more than his monster numbers: 32-for-51 and 382 yards (an Eagles rookie record) and two touchdowns, plus one rushing TD.

Some cynics are mad because the last-minute, meaningless win will hurt the Birds' draft position. That's baloney -- you make those calculations when you're losing for the No. 1 pick and there's an O.J. Simpson (heh)/LeBron James/Eric Lindros (heh, again) in the draft, but that's the case. The Eagles need d-backs or o-lineman, and it won't matter a lot whether they're at No. 3 or No. 9 overall.

Because now we know they won't be drafting for a quarterback.