See these women? They're celebrating a win by the Arizona Diamondbacks the news that an Arizona woman has been found guilty of murder and as a result may herself be put to death. Celebrate good times, c'mon! OK, but there is one nagging question that's bothering me here, which can best be summed up as...

What the #$%#?

I've done a fantastic job avoiding this thing called the Jodi Arias case, but every time it tries to interrupt my life, I am truly baffled. So basically the news here is that a woman in Arizona had a sexual relationship with some dude and then she killed him. And this is interesting because...? I really have no answers here, just a lot of questions. Does anyone out there understand what I'm missing?

But I will say this -- this obscene reaction, by people who apparently have nothing going on in their lives -- is proof that public stonings and lynchings live on in America, except now they're just wired through Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield in a Phoenix parking lot.

Maybe in the future we can elect a president who will bring back the real thing, stoning women in public. You know, give the people what they want.