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Carolina GOPer says "forced unionization" turned Pa. blue

Pennsylvania is getting a history lesson from South Carolina today.

I guess we don't know our own state that well. All this time, you thought the reason that the Keystone State hasn't gone Republican in a presidential election since the days of big-hair rockers and break dancing -- and that we now have two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor -- was because soccer moms in Montgomery County were tired of anti-choice judicial appointments and global warming denial, because waitresses out in Pittsburgh were sick of waiting for health care, because the culture wars that created so many "Reagan Democrats" a generation ago now had many people exhausted and ready for change.

Silly you -- didn't you realize it was "forced unionization." Let South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint explain (h/t TPMDC):

"I don't think many Americans are going to agree that the Republican party has become too conservative," he said. "If you look at our record of spending, our record on every issue, the problem I think we have is Americans no longer believe that we believe what we say we do."

DeMint says he isn't worried. He denied that the GOP has become a southern party, attributing Republican losses in the northeast to some northern voters who have left the region and moved south hoping to avoid labor unions and "forced unionization." He said Americans will eventually come back into the Republican fold because of growing alarm about the size of government and President Obama's fiscal policies.

"I think you'll see this next election to be totally different," DeMint predicted. "Pat Toomey, who is running in Pennsylvania, is one of the most maintream Americans I know."

I'm not old enough to remember what exactly "forced " all the unionization in Pennsylvania, whether it was the wonderful conditions in the state's coal mines and the company towns or something to do with the Homestead massacre. Whatever...I don't know how DeMint explains how Barack Obama got so many more votes than John McCain last fall in the entire United States, unless forced unionization now has people moving to China or Mexico.

Seriously, what's in the water, or Kool-aid, that people are drinking down there? Has anyone checked on the supply lines to Fort Sumter lately?