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UPDATED: Fracking chemicals? You're soaking in it

So I covered Tom Corbett tonight speaking to his "base," also known as the business executives of the Greater Philadelphiia Chamber of Commerce. Nothing wrong with our governor appearing at the event -- it's an annual "Conversation with the Governor thing -- except that he doesn't show his face in public in Philadelphia many other times. How about a question and answer session up at Temple, so he can explain to kids why their tuition is going up, as opposed to telling a friendly room of rich people how he's fighting to get Big Government off their back?

I did get to hear this pricelsss exchange:

Under pressure for his administration's favorable treatment of natural-gas drilling, or fracking, Corbett told WHYY's Marty Moss-Coane that he has information about what chemicals the drillers use in the controversial process, even though the public does not.

"I've seen pamphlets of what's in the chemicals, many of those chemicals...Do you have lipstick on right now?" Corbett asked.

"I do," said Moss-Coane.

"It might be in your lipstick," replied Corbett. He said some of the chemicals — which environmentalists have blamed for polluting nearby water supplies — might be the "intellectual property" of individual companies, but he said that state officials are looking at stronger regulations.

Feel safer now?

UPDATE: Here's my entire fair-and-balanced report on Corbett's state visit to Philadelphia.