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Hackhawk Down

Something really remarkable happened in the world of politics yesterday. This man was lifted up by a helicopter! And they say America has lost its technological edge.

No, semi-seriously, I guess as a "liberal blogger" I'm supposed to be outraged that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie took a state helicopter to watch a few innings of his kid's baseball game. Whatever -- I mean, people also want me to be outraged because President Obama plays golf. I think both activities are legal (I'm pretty sure Obama's golf is, anyway) and that being the case, in a democracy the voters get to decide whether these things are really important to them.

We live in a strange world where it's cool to coddle billionaires and bully public school teachers, but a short hop on a state helicopter is an outrage. Personally, I'd say make billionaires pay their fair share -- and then Christie can ride the helicopter to whereever he wants.

i will note this, however -- if this is the reason why Christie took the helicopter, it's not very important state business.