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Where is Osama bin Laden?

Where's Osama?

It turns out that President Bush wasn't the only well-known figure to give a controversial speech marking the 60th birthday of Israel. Today it was Osama bin Laden's turn:

DUBAI (Reuters) - Osama bin Laden vowed in an audio tape to mark Israel's 60th anniversary to continue to fight the Jewish state and its allies in the West.
The al Qaeda leader, who has placed growing emphasis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said it was at the heart of the Muslim battle with the West and an inspiration to the 19 bombers who carried out the attacks on U.S. cities on September 11, 2001.

I could care less what this raving homicidal lunatic has to say, but I do care about this:

Where the hell is he? And why does no one in the current administartion seem to care about finding him?

I was already thinking about bin Laden today even before his new statement, because I heard John McCain's speech in which he said he planned to kill or catch bin Laden and his top lieutenants by 2013, the end of his mythical first term. It was a laudable proposal -- although why wait that long? -- but it was also jarring in this sense. How come we don't get similar promises from President Bush? Why won't he promise to partially save a sliver of his disastrous presidency by vowing to catch him or kill bin Laden before he leaves office in January?

Look at what happens when a Philadelphia cop is murdered -- his colleagues don't sleep until the killer is tracked down, even if he's 1,000 miles away, and brought to justice. This man killed nearly 3,000 people -- and where's that same sense of urgency? Osama is probably somewhere in Pakistan, and when we politely ask to hunt al-Qaeda members there, they say no. We shrug. At Bush's next news conference, someone should ask Bush if he knows where bin Laden is, after all this time -- not to reveal any location, but does he know? And if not, why not?

Since the president has sacrificed his golf game these last five years, he must have a little extra time on his hands. Please use it to find Osama bin Laden...on your way out the door.