If Olbermann picked "The Worst Person in the World" on merit, it wouldn't be a very entertaining feature, because Robert Mugabe would win every single night. What's happening there is truly awful, like this:

Amnesty International revealed on Thursday that 12 bodies have been found in various areas of Zimbabwe. Most of the victims appear to have been tortured to death by their abductors.They were allegedly abducted by ZANU-PF supporters who, in some instances, were accompanied by armed men believed to be government agents.


Amnesty International has also received information from eyewitnesses that soldiers are going about threatening villagers with guns, instructing them to vote for President Mugabe on 27 June.
— "The government must publicly denounce all acts of violence by ZANU-PF supporters, 'war veterans' and soldiers and work with all political parties to end political violence immediately," said Amnesty International.

The weird thing is that here is a situation in which millions of people have been denied not just real democracy but their most basic human rights, and yet for some reason I haven't heard Sean and Rush and all their ilk calling for military action like they did with Saddam. Honestly, what's the difference? OK, to be clear, I wouldn't support sending American troops into Zimbabwe (although I'd also like to see it a little higher on the radar screen). But if any of the oppressed people there are waiting for the U.S. Marines, I only have one piece of advice.

Start digging for oil.