I'm shocked, my money was on John Cleese.

Seriously, my first reaction about McCain's pick is that...it's a great pick. What little I know about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is that she is a highly principled conservative, a fighter of corruption and government waste, including killing the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. She's the mother of five who's oldest son is shipping off to Iraq -- she has a quite a story to tell. I think the debate between her and Joe Biden will be an elevating moment for American democracy.

Politically, she's going to get slammed for her age and inexperience, and she will surely highlight McCain's own age on his 72nd birthday, not something I think he wants. What's more, this is a huge roll of the dice -- which makes it a reality check on how dire the GOP's position really is going into November.

UPDATE: Well, there is this.

Also, forgot to note that I'm taking a well-deserved day off today, so this is your open thread. Talk about anything....except the Phillies.